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Influencer marketing is the new frontier of digital. How your customers discover your business, relate to your products, and appreciate your incredible style will now sometimes depend more on other people than it will on you.

Where are the influencers in your neighbourhood? Which of them care most about your products? Use Shape to find out.

How it works

The Shape\Influence app features a Merchant View and an Influencer View.


Merchants see real-time data about influencers in their sector, and can self-select the criteria that filter them out from the noise of social media. That means you can make targeted offers to the influencers you like, and better entice them to care about your products or experiences.

The Shape marketplace shows you information and opportunities without sacrificing anyone's personal privacy online, because it's built on top of sophisticated data accounts that protect the influencer. As a merchant, you'll be able to make offers to specific influencers, targeting them by social demographic, follower count, or even taste, without learning a thing about any influencer who doesn't want you to see their private information.

Merchants and Influencers can thusly trade influence for money and freebies in an open, data-driven marketplace.