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Your audience cares about the products and experiences you share as much as you do. And they're incredibly important to you. Take curation into your own hands with a simple marketplace of opportunities. Shape will let you earn, grow your audience, and experience awesome new products, all at the same time. 

How it works

The Shape\Influence app features a Merchant View and an Influencer View.


Influencers see offers for experiences and products that might be interesting to their social media audiences, and that are filtered by relevance, geography, and other criteria like price and category. Using the Shape marketplace, you'll be able to take your influencer marketing revenue into your own hands. 

Shape will show you opportunities, deals, and offers that have been carefully selected for you without sacrificing your personal privacy. Built on top of sophisticated data accounts that protect you, the marketplace will make product offers available to you, filtering out anything that isn't relevant you or your audience's experience. You'll be able to select or reject offers easily, and take in payment for your influence over your audience without ever leaving the app.

Merchants and Influencers can thusly trade influence for money and freebies in an open, data-driven marketplace.