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As the digital landscape has changed, so too has the role of experience and personalization to the end customer. Marketing today demands a more careful, curated approach than it used to, and your business specializes in understanding the products and experiences that tailor themselves to specific audiences and influencers.


Inject some rigour into your navigation of these modern-day endorsements by navigating the product landscape for multiple influencers, brands, and campaigns all within a single interface. And maintain the privacy of your clients without sacrificing the rich, data-led analysis your business demands.


How it works

The Shape\Influence app features a Merchant View and an Influencer View.


As an agency, you'll be able to view the Influencer marketplace on behalf of your clients, identifying the opportunities for influencer campaigns that are best-suited to the businesses you work with. You'll be able to use data to validate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and inject new opportunities into the multi-channel digital advertising you're already putting together.


You'll be able to help your merchants and the influencers they care about trade influence for money and freebies in an open, data-driven marketplace.