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Social Influencer's Platform 

Who we serve

Merchants, passionate enough about their business to put their product or service into the hands of an influencer for review, endorsement, or feedback.

Influencers with more than 1,000 followers on social media who are keen to simplify, optimise, and earn more from their audience by engaging with their favourite merchants.

How it works

The Shape\Influence app features a Merchant View and an Influencer View.


Merchants see real-time data about influencers in their sector, and can self-select the criteria that filter them out from the noise of social media. Influencers see merchant offers that match the values of their audience, in a bidding-based platform that allows them to earn from their social reach. 

Merchants and Influencers can thusly trade influence for money and freebies in an open, data-driven marketplace.

Shape\Influence is developing an app-based marketplace that influencers and businesses can use to create digital marketing campaigns for the 21st century. Using some of the most advanced personal data technology in the world, it exchanges deals and offers with influencers in exchange for mentions, ads, or placements, creating a private marketplace for influence and endorsement.