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The Marketplace for Influence

Marketing is changing. The growth of social has influenced our experience of products and opportunities. We care about reputation and recommendation now far more than we have in the past. And our idols are shifting - moving online from broadcast. 


Shape\Influence works to shape this new world of influence towards your business. Our app-based marketplace matches customer-seeking businesses with the world's leading social influencers, so that both can thrive.

Influencers, Merchants, and agencies (oh my)

Influencer marketing is the new frontier of digital. How your customers discover your business, relate to your products, and appreciate your incredible style will now sometimes depend more on other people than it will on you.


Where are the influencers in your neighbourhood? Which of them care most about your products? Use Shape to find out.


Your audience cares about the products and experiences you share as much as you do. And they're incredibly important to you. Take curation into your own hands with a simple marketplace of opportunities. Shape will let you earn, grow your audience, and experience awesome new products, all at the same time. 


As the digital landscape has changed, so too has the role of experience and personalisation to the end customer. Marketing today demands a more careful, curated approach than it used to, and your business specialises in understanding the products and experiences that tailor themselves to specific audiences and influencers.


Inject some rigour into your navigation of these modern-day endorsements by navigating the product landscape for multiple influencers, brands, and campaigns all within a single interface. And maintain the privacy of your clients without sacrificing the rich, data-led analysis your business demands.